The Synergy Straight Stairlift

The Bespoke straight stairlift Simple in its operation yet detailed in design

The Synergy’s compact design has a host of hidden features allowing you to reclaim your independence at home.

Straight staircases shouldn’t stop you enjoying your home.

The Synergy is a simple to use stairlift that can transform your day-to-day life.

    Room For Walkers

    The Synergy leaves as much space as possible on the stairs for other users. The chair and footrest folds neatly against the wall so your home can become your home once again.

    Slimmest Stairlift

    The Synergy uses one of the slimmest rails in the world, making the Synergy look less obtrusive on the staircase and in your home.

    Easy On, East Off

    With a gentle turn of the handle, the seat turns allowing you to get on and off the Synergy with ease and confidence.


    Controlling the Synergy stairlift is comfortable for all users even for those with reduced dexterity.

    The ergonomically designed toggle switch is available for left and right-handed people.


    Ergonomically designed and easy to use, a remote control is supplied with the Bespoke Synergy as standard, giving the user total control of the stairlift.


    With a simple and fully adjustable seatbelt means that you will be safely held on the seat when the stairlift is in operation, giving you added peace of mind and security.


    The Synergy Stairlift footrest includes sensors that stop the stairlift if there’s an obstacle on the staircase.

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