The Infinity Curved Stairlift

The best ever Handicare 2000 Series just got more Stylish!

The new Style seat delivers attractive hand finished upholstery and its restyled seat provides a secure yet comfortable ride.

This new seat design combines cushioning with a reduced back to wall measurement and a greater seat height flexibility to accommodate both small and large people. It means that the Style seat will enable more users to benefit from the 2000’s wall hugging profile and tight bends.

The Style seat can be supplied with optional powered footrest and swivel for those users who would like a little extra assistance today, or in the future.


    The soft start/stop of a Bespoke Stairlifts journey on a staircase is enhanced by the complete comfort of the padded seat and backrest and simple, ergonomic controls.

    Ease of Use

    Ergonomic and intuitive to use, the joystick smoothly operates the stairlift.


    Each stairlift rail is designed and manufactured specifically to fit your staircase, ensuring a tight fit to maximize space for other stair users.


    Fold up the stairlift when not in use to save space in corridors or hallways.


    Two remote controls are included for both upstairs and downstairs so you can send for your stairlift at the touch of a button.


    The rail start and ending can be adjusted to your personal preference and situation. A flush finish, for example, is ideal if there isn’t a lot of space at the top of the stairs.


    The powered footrest eliminates the need to bend, safely folding or unfolding the footrest for you.


    If there is limited space at the bottom of the stairs or if the rail blocks the hallway or a door, you can choose the automatic hinged rail.


    The stairlift is fitted with safety sensors that will stop the lift whenever it runs into an obstacle.

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    Curved Stairlift Installation

    Experience unparalleled comfort, safety, and ease of use with our specially designed solution for straight staircases.

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